Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Angus Day 1 and 2

For quite a while now we've been deliberating if we should get a dog, but when H's brother got his girlfriend a miniature dachschund, H became more open to the idea. We had a look at different breeds and finally decided on the crossbreed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Miniature Poodle

We actually first started looking around at shelters, with the intention of adopting a dog that was similar(-ish) to a 'cavoodle' (small, furry, not dumb-dumb, good with children, not too active and exciteable), but realised that the only dogs that remain in shelters for more than a week, are either:
  1. old (>7 years old)
  2. large (there were 2 Bull Arabs who, at 4 months' old, were already massive, with their heads reaching about 70cm off the ground. And the info card stated something like, "Major is going to grow up to be a very large dog" - Duh!)
  3. Jack Russells (i was wondering why there were SO MANY Jack Russells being given up until a friend said that they're like dogs with ADHD)
In the process of searching rescue/shelters, we were also just browsing breeder websites and came across a 'cavoodle' for sale a a heavily reduced price, simply because he was no longer puppy-cute. The breeder had decided to keep him for herself (naming him Gus, hence our name choice of Angus), but no longer had room for him as they own a boarding kennel and that they were in the process of moving. Or so she (the breeder) says-lah. But anywho, he still comes with a 12 month health guarantee for genetic disorders, so I do feel better about it.

We were prepared to drive up to Swan Hill (approx 400km north-west) to get him, but so happen the breeder's husband was driving down to Melbourne to visit his kids over Christmas/New year so it was convenient for him to drop him off.

We were so nervous as we waited for him yesterday (Monday) morning, and he was certainly very stressed out and nervous when we first met him. He had never been on a leash before,
and REFUSED to walk on leash. Towards the end of the night, we took him for a walk and H was adamant that he learns to heel and walk on a leash, which he quickly learnt.

Our biggest worry so far has been the lack of wee-ing and pooping; we were a bit stressed that he had gotten into the car at 8am, but didn't even wee until 5.30pm, and then didn't do it again even when H took him out for a walk at 5.30am.

H is never one to lose sleep stressing - it can be armageddon the next day and he'd still have sound sleep; but he had woken up at 4.30-5.00am because he was stressing out about Angus. We've been worried about his health, but on some dog forums some people have noted that their dogs hold toileting when they're in a new place.

Finally at about 8.00am today, I took him out to his potty spot, and he did a massive wee. Mum and Dad are now pleased, proud and relieved (possibly more so than he is!).

Some websites say that it takes dogs a couple of weeks before they really settle and their 'true' self shows. But so far, things I've discovered about Angus:
  1. He does like his crate (den/cage) hence, I'm pro-"crate training"
  2. He loves a cuddle and to sleep
  3. He doesn't get fazed by cats or noisy children (my neighbours)
  4. He's attentive, but seems to take a chill pill every morning

Angus - Mummy's boy


  1. i've enjoyed your post very much. i have a labrador :-) greetings from Bulgaria

  2. Hello! Thanks v much!
    Labs are gorgeous - H would love to have a lab but we're just not active enough people :)