Monday, December 14, 2009

A Feast for Kings!

The Husband turned 28 last Friday, and despite working full-time, needing to bake around 2.5 dozen birthday cupcakes (for home and work), needing to tidy up the house before the in-laws arrived past midnight, and needing to be 50km away for a hot-air balloon ride by 4:30am the next morning, I decided to attempt being superwoman and cook a banquet for 11 people!


Freshly shucked oysters served au naturale
Oysters Mornay

Chilli Mud Crabs
Steamed Fresh Barramundi in superior soy sauce
Steamed Garlic Tiger Prawns
Emperor Chicken
Hong Kong Kai Lan
- served with a combination of Jasmine and Brown Rice

Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting

I would have liked my Oysters Mornay and Kai Lan to have been a bit more cooked, but everything else was almost perfect.

And I shall let the photos speak for themselves....

I'm still amazed by myself!


  1. wah, it looks really good :P esp. the oysters + crab

  2. Eiyer...why you never do this at home?


  3. 'cos I waste no time enjoying daddy's feasts!
    Plus it's not easy to cook when it's not your kitchen ler... sure kelam kabut and end up disastrous

  4. wah, you so cleber ah?

    Btw, you can always where everything is before you start cooking. Our kitchen is so much bigger than yours, I'm sure it will not be that difficult. Unless you only cook for your friends and not for us!