Monday, November 30, 2009

FOOD-OUT: Breakfasts at.......

161 Spring Street, Melbourne

The Husband, BIL (Brother-in-law) and I decided to try out Melbourne's supposedly best Eggs Benedict on Saturday. At $17.50, it definitely wasn't cheap, but neither was it considered exorbitant. The boys were ordering Eggs Benedict anyway, and I normally feel kind of yuck if I finish a whole plate of Eggs Benedict by myself (I tend to feel jelak halfway through), so I decided to have the Croque Madame (pronounced as crock mar-darm as I learnt on Saturday).

I was as happy with the Croque Madame as I could with bacon sandwiched between two slices of toasted white bread spreaded with bechamel sauce and mustard, topped with a fried egg.

The Eggs Benedict, admittedly, was very good. The hollandaise wasn't too overpowering or strong; and the eggs were perfectly poached. love-love-lovely. The husband wasn't particularly impressed though - but I reckon it's more to do with his lack of Eggs Benedict discernment. No photos not because it didn't look flash (it didn't); but because The Husband forbade me to ("Aiyer - don't take photos of half-eaten food lah!")!

Then, on Sunday...
(I didn't take this picture!)

MART 130
107a Canterbury Road, Middle Park

... another dear friend and I were off to the place which serves Melbourne's supposedly best corn fritters. I love love love the ambience and concept - it's actually at the TRAM stop 130 (geddit geddit? Tram - mart?). I wasn't too impressed the first time I was here though, but I can't remember what I had ordered that time.

This time, I ordered the French Toast with Berry compote, mascarpone, almond flakes and something-something-something:

French Toast with berry compote, mascarpone, almond flakes, some vanilla bean cream thing and something-something-something

She ordered the famous corn fritters, which was served with something-something, bacon and coriander:

Corn Fritters. With something-something, bacon and coriander

I really enjoyed what we ordered. I suppose the corn fritters would only be yummy if you like coriander though. But the corn kernels were really just as described on thebreakfastblog - juicy and fresh!

I suppose if I had to choose one cafe over the other; I'd generally pick to go to MART 130 because it just seems like a nicer place to catch up with friends over brekkie. But I'd definitely be returning to the European when I feel like yummy Eggs Benedict!

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