Saturday, July 23, 2011

Introducing the Dog-Friendly Blog Label

Not wanting to leave Angus home ALL by himself ALL the time, I try to find places to go or things we can do with our dog on the weekend. Our society, I’m afraid, discriminates between human children and canine children, and many places do not welcome dogs. It hasn’t been that easy looking up online for dog-friendly places, I have discovered.

Most dog-friendly places or activities listed online are either on dog-friendly accommodation, or dog-focused activities (dog parks, dog camp, etc etc). All I really want are things we can do, and Angus just tag along and socialise with other pooches, not necessarily dog-focused activities. If I wanted to focus on my dog, I’ll just take him to my local dog park or oval or nearby river trail.

And so, I have decided to post on places one can bring their canine companions; hopefully it may help someone along!

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