Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Two Cents worth to Starbucks

Was asked to complete an online survey of Starbucks Malaysia with the incentive of a free tall-sized beverage. This is my blurb - notice how I got increasingly impassioned towards the end?

Less than a week prior to this experience, I had the grande-sized "Extra coffee java chip frappuccino" - I was told it contained 5 shots of espresso, and it was excellent. Then at this recent visit the guy at the counter had no idea what I was on about when I ordered it again and told me they only had a "java chip frappuccino" - I assumed that the 'extra coffee java chip frappuccino' was a promotional seasonal item, so I then ordered the "java chip frappuccino" that was on the menu board and added extra coffee.
Ugh - it tasted like all they used was coffee syrup and added coffee syrup - it was sweet, uncoffee-like and NOTHING like the 'extra coffee java chip frappuccino'!

You are supposedly a coffee establishment, STARBUCKS! Give your free-trade coffee farmers something to trade and use REAL ESPRESSO coffee in your coffee-based drinks! If i wanted a chocolate milkshake tasting thing I'll go to McDonald's! BRING BACK THE COFFFEE!!

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