Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Child Abuse!

A dear friend of mine just found out she’s having a baby- that, and a forum which I stumbled across recently, got me thinking about baby names. Embarrassed as I am to admit it; I am possibly 3 years away from having kids of my own, but I have my kids’ names picked out already – now it’s up to me to convince The Husband of them, as I’m sure quite a few people don’t necessarily like the names I’ve chosen.

To each their own; but some people really name their kids the awful-est names! Never mind celebrities, but even normal people too! Here’s just a list of REAL names I think worth mentioning in this post!

  1. Ronald and Donald McDonald
  2. Justin Case
  3. Mike Hunt
  4. Jermajesty Jackson (Son of Jermaine Jackson)
  5. Tu Morrow (Rob Morrow's son)
  6. Jasmine Rice
  7. Brock Lee
  8. Indiana Jones (for a girl)
  9. Cholera Peace
  10. Harry Pitts
  11. Holly Wood
  12. Candy Kahne
  13. Felanie (as in Melanie with an F)
  14. E- (that's it. E hyphen.)
  15. Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii
  16. Number 16 Bus Shelter
  17. Dick Assman (A Canadian petrol station owner)
  18. ESPN (pronounced as Espin!)


  1. yeah, i really don't know what these parents were thinking when they named their kids. or, maybe they just WEREN'T thinking because they don't have a brain!

    Number 16 Bus Shelter?

    Btw, a judge ordered a name change for Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii.


  2. i think TDTHFH was after a divorce from her parents so she could change her name, or something like that