Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Toilet Bowl Effect

You need to go to the loo, but decide to wait 'til you get home.
All's fine and dandy, right until you reach your stop.
Suddenly, it all starts to get desperate - the desperation increases exponentially as you approach your house.
You're just about explode as you fumble about with your keys; thanking God you're actually at your door.
You open the door, run towards the one-and-only-toilet in your house, and - your housemate is on the dunny.
The exponential desperation that I am talking about is, what I call - the Toilet Bowl Effect.

Current real-life example of this, is my plaster cast. I managed quite incredibly well, having my arm first in a back-splint for 2 weeks, then in a plaster cast for 2.5 weeks. But now, with only 2 days left to go before I will (hopefully) have my cast removed (fingers crossed), the Toilet Bowl Effect is oh-so-real and true. The itch is suddenly killing me; it's feeling incredibly hot; I have sudden impulsive urges to slam it against a concrete block to get it off.

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