Sunday, January 29, 2012

FOOD-OUT: Waffee [at] Altona

Having heard about this Waffle and Coffee (hence, Waffee) place from friends who travel all the way from the city, I decided that it was definitely a must-try place. After all, it's only a stone's throw from work!

So far, I've been here twice, and the coffee and waffes have not disappoint.

Do my eyes deceive me?! A rosetta this far out in the west??!!! Hurray hurray!!

Waffle display

Half-dozen assorted waffles served

Initially I had expected to see large waffles serves with syrup and ice-cream ( I suppose these are the American ones that I'm more familiar with, rather than the Belgians ones that these guys make); so I was surprised to see neat and dainty looking ones. Textures are lovely - crisp on the outside, dense and a bit doughy in the inside. Flavours include the raspberry & white chocolate (a tiny bit more expensive, but it's pretty darn special - think jam donut in a waffle form drizzled with white choc!), chocolate (stick or glaze), cinnamon, blueberry, coffee, amongst a few others.

There's pretty much nothing else apart from  waffles and coffee (or tea/chocolate/etc) but it makes an awesome morning/afternoon tea break! Or an early morning (think they open at 7:30am on weekdays??????) more-than-decent coffee.


Score 1 for 'da west side! 

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  1. OMG i'm craving for some right now!!!

  2. Have you tried their iced choc???? :)

    1. No lah. Haven't. Always end up having coffee. Co...ff..eeee..... (zombie-like trance)